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It was (perhaps fortuitously) at the time of my separation and divorce that Sean (Godfrey) told me of a resurgence of interest in Airbridge, and suggested a recording project. Finding more of my free time my own, the creativity that had been lacking from my life for the past few years found room once again for expression. The logistics of putting the original line-up back together proved impractical, however. Other members had moved away, or were tied down with their own pressing commitments. I soon found myself with a fistful of material and no-one to perform it. But the songs themselves were stronger than any I’d written before, more sincere and founded on life experience, rather than a young man's view of what the world ‘should be like’.

Once again, it was Sean who insisted that we do something. In 2006 he reintroduced me to Mark Spencer, whom I’d known slightly as the lead singer of La Host. Mark had since become a hightly experienced multi-instrumentalist, engineer and producer. He is also a man of unsurpassed generosity. On that first visit he gave me a guitar. The next time we met, he installed a recording studio in the corner of my flat, more or less out of the blue.

Then and now

After a couple of false starts, I got to grips with the new technology (I’m from the tape age), and the album Quiet Sky began to take root. I use the analogy carefully. Most albums are pre-planned, written, rehearsed, demoed and finally recorded. Quiet Sky just sort of grew. Having the equipment in my flat, I was able to record, edit, add and subtract whenever inspiration took me, rather than having to hold ideas in my head until the next rushed studio date.

Not that Quiet Sky is all my own work, by any means. Arabella Rodriguez, on whose album Strange Blue Breakfast I played some sessions (see sidebar link) contributed the haunting and lyrical ‘Spreadeagle’.

Men of the world

As to the rest, the good stuff is really all Mark, Sean and Pavla (Peterkova), but at least for once I was involved in something that was created without compromise. No outside interference from in-house producers, or air-head A&R men with drug habits and strange notions about how music ought to be. The album sounds the way it does because that’s how it’s supposed to sound. We can fall or stand by our own judgement, and not find ourselves having to back some hybrid creation deformed by outside interference. It’s here for all of you who like it that way. Straight. No additives or preservatives.

-Lorenzo Bedini, August 2007

Provisional track-listing for the new album “Quiet Sky”:

  1. Another Quiet Sky
  2. A Cry From The Deep
  3. Dirty
  4. Light Fantastic
  5. Icarus
  6. Insomnia (the chimes of midnight)
  7. Citsatnaf Thgil
  8. Spreadeagle
  9. Open Road (Breakaway, Exile, Desert Djin)
  10. Quiet Sky