Twelfth Night News

Out of the blue, Clive Mitten and Andy Sears have announced that they are to perform live dates of Twelfth Night material in November of this year. At least two dates in London and one in Manchester have been announced

There will be a warm-up gig on November 17th at the Peel in Kingston. Tickets will be available from 19th June. You are able to obtain tickets directly through the venue via credit card on 020 8546 3516. You can also send a cheque payable to Peel Leisure Co., 160 Cambridge Rd, Kingston KT1 3HH. Tickets will be £10.00 in advance.

And it doesn’t stop there, two more gigs are being planned, and will possibly be recorded for CD and DVD! Check out Twelfth Night Info for more information.

Updated September 18th, 2007


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